About Olympium

If your child enjoys swimming and loves music and team work, artistic swimming may be the ideal sport for HIM or HER!

Artistic swimming is a unique and challenging Olympic sport that combines aspects of swimming, gymnastics, diving and & dance.

Artistic swimmers are some of the best all-around athletes, cross-training in multiple disciplines. They perform and compete individually and in duets, teams and combos.

Olympium Artistic Swim Club offers recreational classes and competitive team programs to swimmers from 5 years old up to Masters (20 years +).  We are located in Etobicoke, Ontario, with our home pool at Etobicoke Olympium (590 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke).

At Olympium ArtSwim we believe in developing well-rounded athletes with diverse physical and personal skills, that will allow them to succeed in sport and in life.

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Olympium Excellence

Olympium Artistic Swim Club swimmers and coaches enjoy recognition on provincial, national and international levels. They are led by a coaching team that includes national team coaches, Olympians, former national team members and former & current Olympium athletes.