About Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club (“OSSC”)

If your child enjoys swimming and loves music and team work, synchronized swimming may be the ideal sport for HIM or HER!

Synchronized swimming is a unique and challenging Olympic sport that combines aspects of swimming, gymnastics, diving and & dance.

Synchronized swimmers are some of the best all-around athletes, cross-training in multiple disciplines. They perform and compete individually and in duets, teams and combos.

Olympium Synchronized Swim Club offers recreational classes and competitive team programs to swimmers from 5 years old and up including Masters (20 years +).  We are located in Etobicoke, Ontario, with our home pool at Etobicoke Olympium (590 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke).

OSSC currently has 135 swimmers and employs 20 coaches. The Club supports the personal development of its athletes including the following skills: teamwork, leadership, time- management and organization.

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OSSC Excellence

OSSC swimmers and coaches enjoy recognition on provincial, national and international levels. They are led by coaches who include national team coaches, Olympians, former national team members and former & current competitors.