Our Board

Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club is a not-for profit sports organization that is governed by a volunteer board and operated by both paid and volunteer coaching staff and numerous parent volunteers.

The club’s Board, has a responsibility to the club and its members. Each board member is expected to act with the clubs best interests at heart. The board’s responsibilities are to:

      • Ensure that the club runs smoothly and effectively
      • Develop policies and procedures
      • Keep the club’s members informed through open communication
      • Ensure that funds raised are well managed and used to further develop the club and its members
      • Acknowledge the needs of clubs members

2017-2018 Board Members

President: Francis Li    (click for bio)
Vice-President & Administration: Cory Bayly    (click for bio)
Treasurer: Michael Hajdu    (click for bio)
Operations: Sue Walker  (click for bio)
Fundraising & Marketing: Sue St Pierre    (click for bio)
Volunteer Coordinator: Jodi Ostroff    (click for bio)
Membership & HR: Jeff Niehaus    (click for bio)
Communication: Wendy Seed    (click for bio)
Secretary: Meredith Muscat    (click for bio)

Reach any member of the Board of Directors: board@olympiumsynchro.com

Express interest in joining the Olympium Synchronized Swimming Board: board@olympiumsynchro.com