Mission, Vision, Values


The Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club (OSSC) is committed to developing, promoting and supporting the pursuit of excellence in synchronized swimming among participants of all ages and abilities.


Our passion for excellence and focus on learning and continuous improvement will create champions and inspire success.


Excellence – OSSC promotes excellence by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and leaders can reach their fullest potential.
Respect – OSSC teaches respect for self, teammates, coaches, officials and competitors.
Empowerment – Synchronized swimming demands courage, perseverance, discipline, responsibility and teamwork and allows participants of all ages and abilities to be the best they can be.
Health & wellbeing – Synchronized swimming is a safe, healthy and accessible sport that contributes to the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of all who participate. Participants develop leadership skills, confidence and self-reliance.
Sport for life – Synchronized swimming is one of the few activities that can be enjoyed by participants regardless of age or ability throughout their life and contributes to an appreciation of active and healthy living.

Strategic Priorities

The Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club will achieve its mission and vision by:

        • Providing recreational and Novice stream programs that give girls and boys exposure to the sport of synchronized swimming
        • Offering strong Provincial stream programs with provincial teams from 10 & Under through the 16-20 age group
        • Delivering unique National stream programming for athletes in the 11-12 National, 13-15 National and Junior age groups leveraging facilities and schools that support high performance training
        • Offering Masters programs to allow participants of all ages and abilities to enjoy synchro for life
        • Attracting and retaining quality coaches

Ensuring OSSC is financially viable for the long-term with a surplus reserve