Claire Christie

claire-christieNovice Coach

Claire started swimming with OSSC in the Novice Competitive Program when she was 8. She swam for two years in the Provincial Competitive Program, after which she moved to the National Competitive Program. Claire currently swims on Coach Steph’s 13-15 FINA Team. Claire participated in OSSC’s Coach in Training program as an assistant coach for 2 years. This past fall she began as a lead coach in the recreational program where she enjoyed coaching Aqua Stars. This spring Claire is excited to be lead coaching a 9-10 Novice Team. She likes watching young swimmers grow through sport and develop life-long skills and friendships. Claire has her Bronze Cross and has successfully completed the Swim Synchro Introduction to Competition Course.

Sophia Iourik


Aqua Squirts Coach

Sophia joined OSSC five years ago in the recreational program. After a year she joined the Provincial stream in the 11-12 team. She joined the Coach In Training (CIT) program because she loves teaching and enjoys helping young children develop their synchro skills and being part of a team. She is now coaching Aqua Squirts on Saturdays.

Hadas Barabash


Aquastars Lead Coach

Hadas started swimming at community pool Cedar Park in Montreal in 2011. She swam provincially for two years at Dollard Synchro in Quebec before moving to Ontario where she joined the OSSC High Performance (HP) program in 2013. Hadas is currently in her fourth year of the HP program and in her last year of 13-15 age group. She has been a CIT for two years and is very excited to be a lead coach this year for the Aquastars program. Hadas has her bronze medallion and will be completing the Synchro Ontario Trillium Instructor Course this October.

Sierra Motzek

Sierra-286x300Recreational Coach

Sierra swam in OSSC’s recreational program for 2 years, before spending a few years competing at the provincial level. Now she is in her second year of OSSC’s high performance program, competing at the national level. This is her 7th year in the sport. She assisted coaching the 60+ masters in the Masters FINA World Games in 2014. She enjoys teaching new swimmers synchro skills and encouraging them to do their best.

Karla Rodriguez


11-12 Novice Team Coach

Yoga Instructor

From Mexican origins but Canadian by choice and living in Toronto since 2007, Karla brings with her 17 years of Synchro Swimming experience as an athlete. As a member of the Mexican National Team A (1997-2001), she achieved the Bronze Medal in the team event at the Winnipeg 1999 Pan Am Games and 10th place in the team event at the preliminary round of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Once her Synchro career as an athlete ended, Karla moved into teaching Yoga and brings with her over 13 years of experience and holds a Yoga Alliance certification. She serves as OSSC’s yoga consultant for summer camps and during the regular season. Karla did have a short tenure as an assistant coach in Mexico where her athletes achieved 1st place in Solo and 2nd place in Duet at the National Championships. She is a certified lifeguard and is working on her NCCP Introduction to Competition level. Karla has decided to continue her development as a coach and share her learnings and experiences with new generations of swimmers.

Jody Pilbeam

Jody_Pilbeam_pic-235x300Recreational Coach

Jody has an extensive background in swimming. She competed in synchronized swimming at a national level throughout high school and was also a member of the high school swim team. During university she was a swim instructor and a lifeguard. Five years ago she returned to synchro as a masters swimmer. She believes synchro is a great sport for young women as it is creative, while demanding mental focus, strength, and team spirit. She enjoys introducing the sport to young athletes, encouraging them as they learn new skills.

Hannah van Driel


9-10 Novice Team Coach

Hannah started swimming with the KIS program at OSSC when she was just 6. At the age of 8 she joined the evening provincial program and at 9 started in the High Performance national stream program, where she spent 3 years. In addition to competing, she spent the last 2 years of her swimming career volunteering as an assistant coach with the evening recreational program. This year Hannah is excited to be a lead coach for the 9-10 Novice Team. She is a certified Trilliums Instructor and will be completing her NCCP Introduction to Competition level and her NLS certification this year.

Gaby Coleman


Recreational Coach

After a few years in OSSC’s recreational programs, Gaby joined the provincial program in 2011 and swam for 4 seasons.  She has coached at the summer Splash Camps and started as a lead coach in the recreational program in 2015. She is a patient and encouraging leader.  Gaby has her NLS Lifeguard, Standard First Aid, and CPR-C certifications

Evelyn Young


Recreational Coach

Evelyn started swimming with OSSC at the age of 7. After three years swimming provincially she moved to High Performance and is currently on the BOSSC Junior Team. Evelyn was an assistant coach for two years, has been a lead coach in the recreational class program for the past two years. Last year she took on coaching her first provincial level duet in the 10 & under age group. Her favorite part of coaching is creating and watching swimmers perform their routines at the water shows. Evelyn has her bronze cross and standard first aid with CPR and will complete her NLS this year. She has completed the Synchro Ontario Trillium Instructor & Swim Synchro Instructor Course and the NCCP Comp Intro Course.