Everything you’d want to know about tagging!

We understand that tagging – soliciting for donations from the public – can be daunting for both parents and athletes but there are a few tips we’d like to share to make the experience positive and rewarding for all concerned.

Before you go…..

Team members should wear a uniform, jacket, or something identifying them as a member of the club.   If you are new to the club, you may be able to borrow a shirt from a team member.  Alternately, we would recommend you wear black yoga pants and a sporty red or white, unmarked t-shirt or yoga jacket.  Hair should be neat and tied back in a ponytail or bun.  It is important to project a good image, as you are there representing the club to the public.  One tip that works well: think about your athlete wearing his/her medals or display their ribbons won at competitions and events; put up a poster showing pictures of club activities and team pictures.  This gives a personalized touch and provides a jump-off point for conversations.

 Onsite Tagging Tips

Please note young swimmers must be chaperoned by an adult at all times. This is for the safety of our swimmers.

If you are in the first time slot for tagging, it is courteous to check in with the Customer Service Desk, letting them know that you are with OSSC and that you have a prearranged tagging time slot. 

Find an appropriate place to stand that is not in the way of merchandise or the exit/entry points of the store.  It will be communicated to you if the Store Manager has specific requests for where you can set up.

Prepare your son or daughter to be positive, to smile and say hello – engaging with people; this will help you to be more successful; it is hard for shy children, but it really makes a difference.

If there is room, show off some flexibility – perform some splits or poses; demonstrating your skills developed through synchro swimming will engage the public and encourage conversation.

It is not appropriate to be using electronic devices such as cell phones, gaming systems or iPod’s during tagging.  This does not leave a positive impression of our sport.  

Remember to smile and to show respect at all times. The store owners are doing us a favour by allowing us to use their facility for this purpose so we want to ensure our club will be welcomed back. 

2017-18 OSSC Season Schedule

The 2017-18 Synchro Season is almost upon us!  Below is team schedule for the 2017-18 OSSC season.  Click on image below to see full size schedule.

Please note:

OLY = Olympium
GH = George Harvey
DSS = Downsview Secondary School
CV = Carleton Village

Addresses of all pools are at the bottom of the OSSC Website Home Page.





OSSC is are seeking four new members to join our board, as long-standing members complete their term and stand down. If you are interested in joining the board and contributing to shaping the future of OSSC, we’d love to hear from you. Whether or not you have relevant expertise, what’s equally important is a commitment to make a difference and help the club achieve its goals.

Questions? Please contact in confidence our Board Secretary, Susan St-Pierre at: susanstp.synchro@gmail.com

Deadline for NominationsMay 26th, 2017

How to apply:

Print and complete the Nomination Form (click on link).

Scan and email completed Nomination Form to Susan St-Pierre at susanstp.synchro@gmail.com .

Applicant to complete the Board Nominee Profile Form (click on link).

Scan and email completed Board Profile form to Susan St-Pierre at susanstp.synchro@gmail.com .


Additional Information: The Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club’s AGM is scheduled for Monday, June 5, 2017. We will have four positions available for motivated individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. This is the Call for Nominations.

Board members use their knowledge and experience to represent the best interests of OSSC at all times. We are appealing to members of our club, with a variety of skills and backgrounds that will continue to build and strengthen our organizational capacity. Experience and particular skills sought include: human resources, finance, strategic planning, not-for-profit governance, marketing, technology and managing volunteers. An in-depth knowledge of the sport of synchronized swimming is of value, but not necessary. The individuals on the Board should be there because they want to make a difference and help the club achieve its goals.

In submitting applications, it is important to note that members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend all Board meetings and special meetings as scheduled either in person or by conference call. Typically, the meetings include monthly face-to-face meetings over the summer months, as well as monthly meetings during the September to May time period. Board members may be expected to attend Synchro Ontario events as representatives of the club and the end of season AGM. Directors are also potentially appointed to chair or participate on Board Standing Committees, where their particular skill set is identified as necessary.

Questions from interested candidates are welcome and confidential.

If you are interested in being part of the OSSC Board, please submit the required Nomination Form and Nominee profile (see attached) by May 26, 2017 via email to: Susan St-Pierre, Secretary of the Board susanstp.synchro@gmail.com