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Fundraising East Side Marios


Earn $ for OSSC dining at popular eatery

As part of OSSC’s ongoing effort to develop new fundraising programs, we’ve partnered with East Side Mario’s Dundas & Dixie location to offer a discount to OSSC families to generate a rebate for the Club.   The program will be initiated via a new loyalty card that each Club family will receive within a month.   The program offers a 10% discount on purchases at East Side Mario’s in exchange for a 5% rebate to the Club at the Dixie & Dundas location.   The process to rebate OSSC is manual, so please make note that Club families need to write “OSSC” on their receipt and submit to East Side Mario’s staff in order for OSSC to earn its rebate.    Here’s a summary of how the program works. Check out the poster on our website for more details.

  1. 10% off East Side Mario’s dine-in, online or pick up order (excludes alchohol), OSSC earns 5%
  2. Dine in or pick-up orders- write OSSC on the receipt and drop it in the restaurant box
  3. Online delivery orders – make a note on the order for the staff member to write OSSC and submit on your behalf

Call in delivery orders – ask the staff member to write OSSC and submit on your behalf”

Coach Spotlight Anne-Sophie

Coach Spotlight

OSSC is thrilled to have Anne-Sophie join our Provincial coaching staff this year. Anne-Sophie comes to us with 15 years of coaching experience, working with athletes at all levels. She is currently working with our 11-12 Provincial Program and assisting with our 13-15 Provincial Team. She has enjoyed getting to know other swimmers in our club by working on extra figures with swimmers from many other teams.   Anne-Sophie began her love affair with synchro at the age of 8 in her native Montreal. Very quickly she moved to the provincial level with Synchro Laval. At 11, she jumped to the national level and attended a sport school which allowed her and her teammates to maximize their training. At the age of 15, she moved to Montreal Synchro to swim with duet partner and two-time Olympia Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon and six other swimmers to compete in the 15-18 age group. For the next three years the team was national champion and won gold at international meets.   Here is what a few of the 10& Under swimmers and 11-12 swimmers had to say about Anne-Sophie ‘She’s nice. She gives us candy, and good corrections’ ‘She’s funny. She’s always making jokes to make practice more fun. She’s tough, which is good because it encourages us and shows us she cares. She is a good person to look up to.’   In the short time that Anne-Sophie has worked with the club she has shown how passionate and committed she is to the sport and OSSC. She is devoted to her 11-12 duet and is excited to see the improvements her swimmers have made since September. Nothing is too great a challenge for Anne-Sophie and we appreciate her willingness to take on different responsibilities as the need arises. She is already an integral part of the OSSC coaching staff and we hope she will be for many years to come.

OSSC’s 11-12 FINA Team joins Canada’s Olympic Duet Team at Gala event

A very special invitation was extended to our 11-12 FINA team by Synchro Ontario to demonstrate their Beetlejuice routine (pictured above) at the upcoming Regional Training Centre (RTC) Gala Watershow, April 19th at the TPASC.  All OSSC members are invited to come and support our swimmers as well as enjoy the show, which begins at 7pm. The event will include performances by the RTC-Ontario athletes heading to the Canadian Open in Calgary,  selected development and grassroots teams from across the province, and special guest performers Jacqueline Simoneau & Karine Thomas – our Canadian Olympic-bound duet!   Tickets are $15 at the door ($10 if you are wearing your club jacket) – everyone is invited to attend!

Leslie Taylor Provincial Championships

11-12 National Figures – 2nd, Jasmine Raybould; 6th, Francesca Seed

11-12 Provincial Team Trials Phase 2 Qualifiers – Jasmine Raybould, Anna Doneva, Francesca Seed, Lily Noe

13-15 Provincial Team Trials Phase 2 Qualifiers – Bella Hajdu, Marissa Enns, Evelyn Young, Aysia Tse


FINA 11-12 Solo – 2nd, Jasmine Raybould, 5th, Sarah Taylor

FINA 11-12 Duet – 2nd, Jasmine Raybould & Sarah Taylor; 3rd, Alicia Li & Francesca Seed

FINA 13-15 Duet – 7th, Marissa Enns & Bella Hajdu; 9th, Andrea Coralles-Malaga & Aysia Tse; 10th, Claire Christie & Rachel de Leeuw

FINA 11-12 Team – 2nd, Julie’s Team

FINA 13-15 Team – 5th, Elena’s Team; 9th, Steph’s Team

Routines eligible for National Qualifier:  Both 13-15 teams and 4 13-15 duets: Enns & Hajdu; Coralles-Malaga & Tse; Christie & de Leeuw; Sierra Motzek & Mara Putin.

Winner of the 11-12 All Around Athlete Award – Jasmine Raybould

Congrats to all our HP coaches: Elena, Steph, Amy, Julie & Cheryl!

Burlington Novice & Recreational Extravaganza

10 & U Pre-Competitive Team– 1st place in Presentation

11-12 Pre-Competitive Team– 1st place in Most Memorable Moment

9-10 Novice Team– 1st place in Most Memorable Moment

11-12 Novice Trio– 1st place in Most Memorable Moment

13-15 Novice Team – 1st place in Most Memorable Moment

Congrats to all our novice & pre-competitive coaches: Renee, Jeanine, Marin, Hannah & Diana!

Olympium Synchro Welcomes World Champion Bill May

World champion and pioneering male synchronized swimmer Bill May will train withOlympium Synchronized Swimming Club (OSSC) athletes at the Etobicoke Olympium, December 1st to 4thas well as encourage others to follow in his footsteps with a “Boys Try Synchro” event.

“We are very fortunate to have Bill visit our club, as he is a sought-after coach and demonstrator. Our athletes and coaches are very excited for this amazing opportunity to train with him,” comments OSSC Head Coach, Julie Thaden, “And who better to attract boys to synchronized swimming than someone who has been a trailblazer for males in the sport.”

May won a series of US national and international competitions in the 1990s culminating in winning the Grand Slam at the 2000 Nationals before retiring shortly after. May recently came out of retirement when three-time US Olympic Coach and friend Chris Carver told him that FINA had decided to add two co-ed events at world championships – the mixed technical and free duets. So this past summer he swam both events with partners Christina Jones and Kristina Lum, at the World Aquatic Championships in Kazan, Russia. May and Jones were awarded gold in the technical mixed duet. The introduction of the mixed duet on the international stage has rekindled interest in the sport among males and there is speculation that we may yet see male synchronized swimmers competing at the Olympics.

May Day Event Details

Bill May will practice his solo routine for the upcoming FINA World Trophy event in China at the Etobicoke Olympium on the following dates and times. There’s also an opportunity for Synchro Ontario members to join Bill for a workshop in the water.

Wednesday, December 2nd

1:30pm to 1:50pm – Bill May solo practice

1:50pm to 3:00pm – In-water workshop with feedback from Bill

3:00pm to 3:15 pm – Meet and Greet with Bill May

6:00pm to 7:30pm – “Boys In Synch” with Bill May

Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club offers recreational and competitive team lessons to male & female swimmers from 5 years old up to Masters (20 years+) at the Etobicoke Olympium Pool, Etobicoke (Rathburn & Renforth).  OSSC swimmers and coaches have enjoyed recognition on both national and international stages including the Canadian national team, Worlds, PanAm and the Olympics.  OSSC serves the Etobicoke and Toronto areas and beyond including central and western Ontario. Currently there are 135 swimmers who benefit from the expertise of 20 coaches dedicated to supporting the personal development of its athletes. Teamwork, goal setting, discipline and commitment are learned at all levels of swimming, with the opportunity for athletes to develop leadership skills as “coaches in training.”  Visit www.olympiumsynchro.com for program details.