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January Athlete of the Month – Morning – Janet Soilis

Janet, age 13, started synchro at OSSC’s Summer Splash Camp, followed by 1 year in pre-provincial before moving to High Performance as an 11-12 last year.  She is now on the 13-15 HP Team. Along with absolutely loving synchro she has a very creative side. She enjoys arts and crafts. She also loves to paint.
Her coach, Laura, nominated her for the huge improvements she’s made in all areas, including figure skills, focus at practice, positive attitude and confidence. She’s also made tremendous strides in her mental competition skills. As a result of all of her hard work, she had a great performance at the Lisa Alexander Meet.

Try High Performance – Tuesday Feb, 21, 2017



Have your chance to workout with the OSSC High Performance Teams and Coaches.  Details are as follows:

  • 7:30-8:15 flexibility and extension training with our ballet consultant, Jaclyn
  • 8:15-8:30 move to pool deck & break
  • 8:30-11 pool session – figure and routine skills, learn part of an HP routine!

Open to experienced synchro athletes both from within and outside of the club, with birth years 2004-2007.  If interested, must RSVP to Julie Thaden at juliethaden@yahoo.com by Feb. 19.

Evening Athlete of the Month Rachel Dietrich

Rachel_DRachel began synchro at age 7 after completed all of her levels of swim lessons. She started in the rec program where she met Clare Morrell and they became great teammates.  She did two years of rec then moved to provincial for 10 & Under.  She has progressed up to 13-15 Provincial with this being her 7th year swimming with the club.
Rachel likes synchro as it is fun and she’s met great people.  Synchro has taught her the importance of learning to work with others to accomplish a common goal.  She loves working on routines and she is always eager to attend practices. Her only dislike is getting up early to gel her hair for competitions.
Synchro has made Rachel very disciplined when it comes to meeting deadlines.  With numerous practices throughout the week, Rachel has learned how to time manage school and her extra-curricular activities.  She has also learned how to deal with the stress of competition and being able to perform under pressure.  Her other interests include Robotics (her school has made it to the Provincial Championships), downhill skiing, soccer and being a member of multiple school sports teams.  
One of her team coaches, Lola Shnayder-Mazour, pointed out Rachel’s exemplary behaviour and positive attitude when it comes to working with the 13-15 provincial team. She says “I appreciate the effort she makes to achieve her goals.”

Claire Christie

claire-christieNovice Coach

Claire started swimming with OSSC in the Novice Competitive Program when she was 8. She swam for two years in the Provincial Competitive Program, after which she moved to the National Competitive Program. Claire currently swims on Coach Steph’s 13-15 FINA Team. Claire participated in OSSC’s Coach in Training program as an assistant coach for 2 years. This past fall she began as a lead coach in the recreational program where she enjoyed coaching Aqua Stars. This spring Claire is excited to be lead coaching a 9-10 Novice Team. She likes watching young swimmers grow through sport and develop life-long skills and friendships. Claire has her Bronze Cross and has successfully completed the Swim Synchro Introduction to Competition Course.




Today is International Volunteer Day, so it’s a good time to pause and thank ALL OF THE OSSC VOLUNTEERS for what you do personally to advance to sport of Synchronized Swimming in Ontario, Canada, and beyond.

While it’s dangerous to try to cover everyone because of the risk of forgetting someone, we’d like to thank these groups in particular:

  • THOSE BEYOND ONTARIO BORDERS (UANA, Synchro Canada, FINA, or wherever else)

Thank you to those who make a choice to spend their valuable time to help with the advancement of the Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club.