Provincial November Athlete of the Month – Zenya Amoroso

The November Athlete of the Month for Provincial is Zenya Amoroso!

Zenya is on our 15U team. Coach Lindsay says that she has made a huge improvement in her focus and concentration at practice. This has had a very positive impact on her skills and technique in the water. Specifically, her eggbeater and body boost height has improved a lot in the last month. Zenya has also been working very hard on her personal goal of holding her vertical above knee! Congratulations Zenya, keep up the good work!

HP November Athlete of the Month – Sarah O’Connell

The November Athlete of the Month for HP is Sarah O’Connell!

Sarah is on our Junior FINA Team. Coach Kerri and Coach Lola say that Sarah has made huge improvements in her mental game and that these improvements are having positive impact in every area of her swimming, including distance tests, club testing, elements and routine swimming! Recently, she increased the height in her thrusting elements and has improved her the accuracy of her elements. Sarah is a pleasure to coach and has certainly earned being recognized as athlete of the month!



Novice November Athlete of the Month – Kaia Dodge

Kaia is a driven and very focused swimmer that always comes to practice on time with a smile on her face. Coach Kate says that Kaia has been working hard preparing for the competition this coming weekend, and has really improved all of her figures. She has been wowing her team with her amazing back layout too! She is always listens to feedback and is a pleasure to coach.

Way to go, Kaia!


Novice October Athlete of the Month – Juliette Digings

The October Novice Athlete of the Month is Juliette Digings!

Juliette Digings is on our Pink Novice team. She always has a great attitude no matter the task, works well with others and leads by example. Juliette even got her right leg splits flat this month! Coach Hadas can’t wait to see how much Juliette will improve over the course of the year. Way to go, Juliette!

Everything you’d want to know about tagging!

We understand that tagging – soliciting for donations from the public – can be daunting for both parents and athletes but there are a few tips we’d like to share to make the experience positive and rewarding for all concerned.

Before you go…..

Team members should wear a uniform, jacket, or something identifying them as a member of the club.   If you are new to the club, you may be able to borrow a shirt from a team member.  Alternately, we would recommend you wear black yoga pants and a sporty red or white, unmarked t-shirt or yoga jacket.  Hair should be neat and tied back in a ponytail or bun.  It is important to project a good image, as you are there representing the club to the public.  One tip that works well: think about your athlete wearing his/her medals or display their ribbons won at competitions and events; put up a poster showing pictures of club activities and team pictures.  This gives a personalized touch and provides a jump-off point for conversations.

 Onsite Tagging Tips

Please note young swimmers must be chaperoned by an adult at all times. This is for the safety of our swimmers.

If you are in the first time slot for tagging, it is courteous to check in with the Customer Service Desk, letting them know that you are with OSSC and that you have a prearranged tagging time slot. 

Find an appropriate place to stand that is not in the way of merchandise or the exit/entry points of the store.  It will be communicated to you if the Store Manager has specific requests for where you can set up.

Prepare your son or daughter to be positive, to smile and say hello – engaging with people; this will help you to be more successful; it is hard for shy children, but it really makes a difference.

If there is room, show off some flexibility – perform some splits or poses; demonstrating your skills developed through synchro swimming will engage the public and encourage conversation.

It is not appropriate to be using electronic devices such as cell phones, gaming systems or iPod’s during tagging.  This does not leave a positive impression of our sport.  

Remember to smile and to show respect at all times. The store owners are doing us a favour by allowing us to use their facility for this purpose so we want to ensure our club will be welcomed back. 

Marketing & Fundraising – Bio

Susan St-Pierre, Marketing and Fundraising
Length of time on the Board:


This is my 3rd year involved with the Board (the past 2 seasons, I have been the Board-appointed Secretary of the Board)
Length of time in OSSC:


This is Kadia’s 5th season with OSSC.
Program in which your daughter/son participates: Kadia is on the 13-15 National Stream team this season.
Why you want to be a part of the Board? I like to be involved and work towards making OSSC the best club possible for our athletes, families and the sport.
Background: I am born and raised in Etobicoke, and I played a lot of soccer at Centennial Park and dislocated my elbow pretty badly at the Olympium in a gymnastics program in grade 6, but I never tried Synchro Swimming as a sport

I married a French Canadian (Acadian) guy from New Brunswick (Jocelyn – don’t let his name fool you – he is a guy!).   I work in IT and Consulting Services at We also have an 8 year old son named Jacques.

My daughter has moved from Pre Provincial to Provincial to National Stream teams, and I am always happy to talk with families that have any questions about the programs and expectations. I know that it can be confusing!

What’s your goal for the year ahead?



Promoting OSSC as a fantastic synchro club within Ontario and Canada….and working at being a “morning person” with very early morning drop offs at the Olympium this season.