December Athlete of the Month for Competitive is Abby Muscat!

Abby is on our 11-12 Competitive Stampede Team. Coaches Lola & Steph nominated Abby for her enthusiasm and participation in each practice since the beginning of the season. Abby had a great achievement at the Lisa A figure meet in December. She also serves as a great example to her team mates by always being ready to demonstrate skills and she has a very positive attitude. Abby brings lots of energy and excitement to every practice. We can’t wait to see what the season brings!
Way to go, Abby!

December Athlete of the Month for HP is Syarra DeFreitas!

Syarra is on our 13-15 Black team.  Coach Laura says that Syarra is an absolute pleasure to coach. She is always listening, has an excellent work ethic and a strong desire to improve. She can often be found working on the side while waiting for her turn to do something. Syarra’s quiet hard work has lead to some major improvements in both her figure and routine skills. We are so glad to have Syarra swimming with us this year and she has been a wonderful addition to the HP program!

November Athlete of the Month for HP is Heather Haugh!

Heather is on our 12U HP team.  All of HP coaches noticed Heather in November as a dedicated and positive athlete. She is always working hard without being asked or reminded.  She puts all her effort to improve her synchro skills on a daily basis, and she helps her teammates. Heather has shown great progress and confidence since she joined our HP family! Good luck this weekend! Way to go, Heather!

October Athlete of the Month for HP is Bridget Koza

Bridget has been working very hard and raising the bar in every area of her training! The coaches can count on Bridget for being engaged, coachable and ready for hard work. She also brings a positive, team focused attitude to practice every day. Bridget is a lot of fun to coach – can’t wait to watch her compete this season. Keep up the amazing work Bridget!

September Athlete of the Month for HP is Jocelyn Ringler

Our September Athlete of the Month for HP is Jocelyn Ringler!
All of the HP Coaches were extremely impressed with Jojo’s effort and improved synchro skills this month. She worked very hard while learning and performing the new club routine set, new figures, club testing, and team placement. Her high level of effort and skill impressed the HP coaches every day and makes her a well-deserving athlete of the month.
Congratulations Jojo and keep up the excellent work!