March Provincial Athlete of the Month – Ryleigh Taylor

Ryleigh is on our 15U Provincial team. Coach Lindsay says this past month, Ryleigh has really stepped up her leadership game. She comes to practice mentally and physically prepared to work hard and she consistently commits to pushing her limits. She leads by example and is always willing to support her teammates with encouraging words and helpful demonstrations. Congratulations Ryleigh, keep up the great work!

March HP Athlete of the Month – Sofia Dodaro

Sofia is on our 13-15 Wonder Woman Team. Sofia came to HP from our Novice program just 6 months ago. Sofia has proven herself to truly be WONDER WOMAN at heart! Not only did she compete in her first National Qualifiers and pull off her best figures to date, she also competed in both Team Prelims and Team Finals – including GOING OFF A LIFT! Sofia’s willingness to push herself and practice hard is paying off in every way possible. OSSC coaches believe that Sofia is truly a High Performer to her core.

Way to go, Sofia!


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February HP Athlete of the Month – Andrea Corrales-Malaga

Andrea is a textbook example of a great young athlete that shows commitment and perseverance. She has become an amazing young woman right in front of our eyes!  All of her coaches, past and present, agree that she is fun to coach and a pleasure to know!  Andrea is also showing herself to be a strong leader and a remarkable team mate.  She is an important part of our Junior Team and HP Program.  Congrats to Andrea for being named HP athlete of the month!

February Novice Athlete of the Month – Lily Puddister

Lily is a member of our 12U Green Team, coached by Maria. Lily is a very determined girl.  If she is learning a new challenging figure, she strives to do her best. Coach Maria says that Lily always asks for help if she doesn’t understand a certain part or just to check if she is on the right track. She is an amazing synchronized swimmer. Way to go, Lily!

February Provincial Athlete of the Month – Jasmine Zhan

Jasmine is on Renee’s 13 and under Provincial team. She has been nominated for showing outstanding perseverance when it comes to learning new skills! Athletes in her age group are expected to perform all of the same figures at meets this year, regardless of if you compete in the National or Provincial stream. This meant that our team had a lot of new and difficult skills to master, in not a lot of time! Spinning was difficult for Jasmine to learn at first, but she was committed to improving and never gave up on herself. Great job Jasmine! You’ve improved so much!”

HP January Athlete of the Month – Sophie Niehaus

Sophie is a member of our 11-12 HP team. Sophie has been consistently working hard in and out of the pool to achieve her goals. She was both mentally and physically prepared for the last two competitions. She was honest about her nerves but remained confident and in control. Throughout training and the competition, Sophie received feedback well. She created a solid plan which she followed and made adjustments to throughout the meets. Coach Steph says that all of these strong and practiced mental and physical skills lead Sophie to multiple successful performances in both figures and routine.

Way to go, Sophie!


Novice January Athlete of the Month – Savannah Harding

Savannah is on our 10U Novice Red team. Savannah is very positive and is always happy and smiling at practice. At Savannah’s first figure competition,  she went out with an amazing attitude! Coach Evelyn says she reviewed and planned how she was going to perform each figure before competing it. She rocked her figures for the judges all while staying focused and calm.

Way to go, Savannah!