May Swimmer of the Month (Evening) is Mei Chiao

Mei 3

Hello! My name is Mei and I am in Grade 7 going into Grade 8 this fall. I have just finished my 6th year of synchro. I joined the Provincial 13-15 team for the first time this year… it was a huge change, but it was lots of fun! I found it to be so much more work than what I had experienced before. I focused on improving my flexibility, my figures and my routine skills. (I had to improve everything!) It was worth the time and effort though. I love doing synchro! I love that it is challenging yet enjoyable. And best of all, I love synchro because you have the opportunity to make so many new friends who are supportive – they are always there for you during competitions.

In addition to synchro, I also play the piano. I am working towards my Grade 7 exam and will be testing for it this fall. During the winter, I like going downhill skiing with my family. We are newbies, still learning, but have lots of fun doing it. In my spare time when I’m alone in my room, I like to do arts and crafts. Art is probably my favorite class at school. Lastly, I love a good book.

Other responsibilities that I have revolve around my family and our house. I walk my brothers to and from school every day. Sometimes I babysit them on the weekends. Other days I am forced to clean my house (I hate it). This summer, I am going to learn to cook.

Thanks Olympium for a great season! I miss synchro and can’t wait until next year’s season to start…

Coach Laura:

Mei is consistently working hard in practice and learning how to push herself out of her comfort zone in the pool. Her figure skills have improved tremendously from the beginning of the season. Watching her swim now you would never know that this is her first season in competitive. Congratulations on your hard work Mei!

May Swimmer of the Month (Morning) is Claire Christie

Claire (1)Morning – Claire Christie

Claire has always loved the water and being in the pool. She has been sharing her smile and her positive attitude with Olympium Synchro for the past 6 years. Claire started in the novice program when she was in Grade 3. The year after, she joined the provincial program where she swam for two years. This is Claire’s third year in the HP program. She loved swimming on Coach Steph’s 13-15HP team this year, and is very proud of her success in figures at Canadian Espoir Championships in Winnipeg. Along with her own swimming, Claire has also been part of Olympium’s Coach in Training program for the past 2 years, where she shares her love of synchro with swimmers in the evening program. She looks forward to the possibility of coaching her own team next year.  Coach Vanessa shares that through her strong leadership, Claire has been instrumental in the success of the novice 11 & over program. She is a positive role model to all the swimmers she works with.

Outside of the pool,  Claire enjoys singing, travelling with her family, and spending time with her friends. She recently completed her Grade 4 voice exam at The Royal Conservatory of Music. She is looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon with her family this summer and to spending three weeks at Camp Tawingo in Huntsville, where she earned her Bronze Cross last summer.

Coach Steph says:

Claire made significant improvements to her figures in the month of May and was able to maintain her corrections at every practice. Her performance at Espoir was excellent. She was consistent, applied her corrections, and achieved many of the focuses she had been working on during practice. Great job!

Her smile is infectious and can always brighten the day around the pool. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with us Claire, and congratulations on your achievements.