Resolving Your Problem or Concern

The Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club (“OSSC”) understands that athletes and parents will have questions, and despite everyone’s best intentions, problems or concerns will occasionally arise. OSSC believes that all issues are best resolved through timely and open communication. Athletes and parents are encouraged to feel comfortable in approaching their coaches and other appropriate individuals within the Club when they have questions.  

The purpose of this document is to set out an informal process through which problems and concerns may be resolved. Making good faith efforts to resolve concerns when they arise provides us with the best means of ensuring a positive outcome for all concerned.


  • Talk to your coach


Discuss your problem or concern with your primary team coach in a respectful manner as soon as it comes up. Coaches are available for meetings with athletes and parents outside of practice time by appointment.



  • Contact the Head Coach


If your primary team coach has been unable to resolve your problem or concern to your satisfaction, the Head Coach is available to assist you.  Please contact her as soon as possible if you have been unable to resolve your problem or concern with your coach.

Contact: Phone: Email:
Head Coach   905.510.8085



  • Contact OSSC’s Ombudsman


OSSC has appointed an Ombudsman to assist in resolving problems or concerns that have not been resolved through discussions with the primary team coach and Head Coach. It is the Ombudman’s role to undertake an impartial review of all unresolved concerns and assist in efforts to resolve them. If you have gone through the first two steps and still need help finding a solution to your concern, please contact the OSSC Ombudsman via email.

Contact: Email: