Our Coaches

Depth and Experience

Our coaches come from around the world with experience at international competitions either as a coach or competitive swimmer.

2 National Team Coaches (Kerri, Lola)
4 National Team Swimmers (Amy, Laura, Jenn, Karla)
2 Olympians (Jenn, Karla)
6 Current Masters Athletes (Vanessa, Steph, Laura, Jenn, Renee, Jody)
8 Former OSSC Athletes (Renee, Amy, Laura, Jenn, Diana, Gaby, Hannah, Lindsay)
2 Former Ontario Athletes from Other Clubs (Vanessa, Steph)
3 Former Non-Ontario Athletes (Anne-Sophie, Marin, Karla)
20 Current OSSC Athletes (all CIT’s)

Head Coach

Competitive, Pre-Competitive and Rec Program Director