Kerri Morgan

kerri pic

Head Coach, OSSC

BOSSC (Burlington/Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club) Junior Team Lead Coach

BOSSC Lead Coach since 2016

OSSC Team Coach 1996-2011

Former OSSC Head Coach 2002-2011

OSSC Mental Games Consultant and High Performance Consultant 2011-2016

Kerri Morgan is the Head Coach for the Olympium Synchro Swim Club as well as a Mental Game Coach. She has been a high performance coach for over 25 years where she has coached many teams to podium finishes. Kerri coaches club and provincial teams, as well as many international athletes. Kerri is currently a consultant with the Australian National Team. When not standing on a pool deck she can also be found acting as a taxi driver for her own children or in the great outdoors where she enjoys adventure travel. You can reach her at