Synchro 101: Parent Competition Guidelines

  • Use a packing list before each competition. Check items off as you pack them to prevent missing gear (and stress).
  • Swimmers are not allowed to wear jewelry (unless it is a medical bracelet or emergency tag) or nail polish on either fingers or toes. Please double check before you leave for the meet.
  • Ensure your daughter is ON TIME and PREPARED.
  • Snack and/or lunches must be healthy and peanut free. The stands are usually hot so make sure you wear something light and have plenty of water for yourself as well.
  • Once arriving at a meet, parents are not allowed to stay with their daughter (aside from gelling) until the end of the competition and are expected to stay off the pool deck. Refrain calling your daughter from the stands so she can focus and perform her best without distraction.
  • You are a cheerleader. Offer support from the stands when your team performs their routine!
  • Synchro etiquette requests that all audience members remain seated while swimmers are performing. Stand up and walk in between routines.
  • The team is expected to stay for awards.